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Executive Producer: Alonzo Jones
A Biker’s Diary is executive producer Alonzo Jones’ debut as an independent film maker. His musical background and love for motorcycles served as the catalyst for his production company, Vertical Tunes Productions, Inc. As an avid motorcyclist, Alonzo’s intimate knowledge and experience with the cycling world propelled the script and stunt performances in the movie. The dedication to the development of the movie manifested itself in many months of intricate film and editing work. The product is an intriguing tale and stunt display that hits home with anyone curious or familiar with a biker’s life.

Vertical Tunes Productions
Vertical Tunes Productions specializes in tracking, recording, DVD projects and project management. The company is the brainchild of Alonzo Jones of Atlanta, Georgia. Since its inception, Vertical Tunes has produced the independent blockbuster, A Biker’s Diary. This film, which captures the often difficult balance between the family and the motorcycle crew, has built a significant following. It is currently seeking national distribution. Vertical Tunes is committed to ensuring that its customers reach their goals through 100% dedication and a quality of work that is evident through its products. See the Vertical Tunes ad featured in Cycledreams magazine.

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