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It begins innocently. The primal call of man to machine starts as a whisper, a gentle tug on the spirit of excitement and passion. The pace quickens and the feeling spreads from the mind to the senses. The intricate detail outlined in a finely crafted motorcycle, the smell of tires on asphalt, the feel of the smooth leather against eager hands, the sound of a perfectly tuned engine ready to exceed its potential, and the taste of anticipation for the rush that lies just ahead, all initiate a love affair without boundaries. In an instant, the throttle is released and the union is complete. Adrenaline subjects the body to a feeling of weightlessness, and unexplained freedom. The open road becomes the leader, the quickened heartbeat becomes the director and man and machine simply follow the beat.

This is the world that Jeremy Norris (J) lives and breathes in. He is a leader among his crew and enjoys the best of the motorcycle world. His pride and joy, the black and yellow Suzuki 750, has earned him respect on the circuit as a stunter. It was in this world that he also met and fell in love with Michelle Moore (Chelle). Their marriage set in motion a new chapter in both of their lives which included both happiness and heartache…

J struggles to maintain the balance between his first love and his family. He wants to make good on his promise to keep his family first, but his crew is calling, the road is calling, the speed is calling, the need is calling. One night out with the boys can’t hurt, can it?

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