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Michelle (Chelle) struggles to keep her family together in the face of her husbandís short comings. Jeremy (J) is caught up between his boys and his family Ė a situation that undoubtedly gets him into hot water. Avis has her own marital problems, and doesnít mind forgetting about them by giving in to a handsome stunt rider like J.

A Biker's Diary is based on a true story about a family man, Jeremy, who struggles to maintain the balance between his first love and his family. He wants to make good on his promise to keep his family first, but his crew is calling, the road is calling, the speed is calling, the need is calling. One night out with the boys canít hurt, can it? (More...)

Vertical Tunes Productions specializes in tracking, recording, DVD projects and project management. The company is the brainchild of Alonzo Jones of Atlanta, Georgia. Since its inception, Vertical Tunes has produced the independent blockbuster, A Bikerís Diary. (More...)

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