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Jeremy Dorris
Jeremy lives the street life of a biker. On his 2003 black and yellow Suzuki 750, he will put on a show for anyone who will watch. But he has responsibilities at home that challenge the time he can spend with his crew. In his heart, he knows his family should be the most important thing in his life, but the influence of his crew at times overshadows this truth. He is caught up between his boys and his family - a situation that undoubtedly gets him into hot water.

Michelle Moore
Michelle, known as Chelle on the circuit, knows first hand the life and world of a biker. Even with this knowledge, she struggles to keep her family together in the face of her husband's short comings. Competing against J's crew, Chelle holds on to the hope that J will begin to value his marriage the same way she does.

Avis Wings
Avis has a thing for bikers, especially ruff riding boys. She has her own marital problems and doesn't mind forgetting about them by giving in to a handsome stunt rider like J.

Scooter Trash (ST) Stunt Team
Founded in 1998, Scooter Trash is a professional team of motorcycle stunt riders based in southeastern Michigan. The founders, Matt Schwartz, Dan Martell and Nick Hill are safe and exciting crowd pleasers, looking to bring this new, and high profile sport to the mainstream in a way that is not offensive or dangerous. They are self made and self promoted and perform on closed courses.

William P. Bailey II
Bike: 2001 Blue Yamaha YZF R6
Street Name: One Wheel Will
Will loves to ride on one wheel no matter where he is, even in front of the police station. He also specializes in skiing off of his bike in heavy traffic. (That will wake up any sleepy driver). He pushes J to spend time with his boys instead of his family.

Rico Riley
Bike: 2001 Candy Apple Red Honda 954 RR
Street Name: #1 Stunter
Rico earned his street name by taking wheelies on the highway for miles at a time, with speeds up to 110mph. He specializes in stand-up wheelies and other talents such as putting one leg in the seat while doing a wheelie down the highway.

Nathaniel Hughes
Bike: 1999 Red and White Yamaha YZF R1
Street name: Do Right
Nathaniel is an old school rider who has been involved in bikes since he was a kid. He specializes in stand-up and sit down wheelies with speeds up to 140mph. He also likes to wheelie with women on the back. A man who fears no challenges.

Donald Curtis Smith Jr.
Bike: 2001 Black and Yellow Suzuki 750
Street Name: Donnie
Donnie loves to stunt no matter what time of day it is. I-20 in Atlanta, GA is his highway. He loves to wheelie on the highway around curves and turn on his blinker to change lanes while on one wheel.
Alonzo Jones
Bike: 2001 Blue Yamaha YZF R1.
Street Name: L
Alonzo loves to stunt with other stunt riders. He earned his street name by riding wheelies for a long time. He specializes in smooth stand-up wheelies that last for miles. He also loves to drag his knees in sharp curves with speeds over 90mph. He is the Executive Producer & Film Director for the ultimate stunt and drama movie, A Biker’s Diary.
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